Earrings that do not need a hole

This collection consists of 3 innovative and different earring systems

which have the distinction of not needing perforations.


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Elegant designs that enhance your style and personality.
All our products are made by hand with noble metals of first quality to respect the skin and the health of your ear.

Earring for cartilage without a piercing-style false hole

Elegant designs made in sterling silver and other noble metals of complements for your ears without the need to pierce or leave marks of any kind. The legendary bitumen begins its history in ancient Egypt, pioneers in the stimulation of the health points of the ear, and later the knowledge passed to Persia and from the Persians to the Chinese.

Why use earrings without a hole

  • Our ears are an essential part of our bodies. The reflexoterapia affirms that connections exist between certain points of the ears and the organs located in different parts of the body. There is an invisible flow of energy that when altered produces an imbalance that affects the functions of the organs and health.
  • The ear represents a fetus at the time of birth, where the lobe would be the head. That is why it is said that the perforation of the ear lobe is extremely risky. Our collection of earrings without holes is designed so that it does not alter our organism. Pressures at different points of the ear can stimulate energy points that impact on health and our character.
  • The bidu is placed in a specific area of the ear that would correspond to our cervical area, getting our system rebooted and make all organs work at the same pace. Many times that internal sensation of uneasiness or rare vibration, comes from internal disorganization, when placing the Bidú, our whole system is reinitiated and the organs are harmonized and everything begins to work at a single pace.

All our products are also available in gold check availability and price here.

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